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Hey :) Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly, and then send it to ten of your favourite followers <3

1) hard worker 2) loyal friend 3) badass zombie killer 4) good listener and 5) kick ass gamer

My baby love u

I love long boarding. What kind of board you do you have?? A little about myself, I’m a third child in a family with four of them. I work in a small options home for autistic children.. I listen to indie music and I thoroughly enjoy a good rom/com every once in a while. I enjoy learning from others and hearing about what they love and enjoy. I’m a very relaxed person and I completely understand that each person is different and I respect that. I’m very passive. I’d love to hear about you..

I have a big borad not a huge but just right and I be the middle child of three children both of which are boys and I love to help people and im a very good listener and I listen to whatever music im in the mood for I am very loyal person also really shy and im very protective like I will beat the shit out of anyone that hurts the people I care about but Im very chill as well and same here I love meeting different people and I don’t judge anyone for me its the crazier the better also I love to bake so whoever I date will be showered with bake goods lol so where in this world to u live? that’s about it

On my home this trip was so. Worth 7hrs in the car last night was the greatest night of my life all thanks to my hero and love of my life Demi wish i could go back in time to that night lol just the post concert depression talking lol

Tonight was without a doubt the best night of my fucking life I got to see my hero/love of my life miss Demi Kill it she fucking amazing and sexy as fuck too ;) also there is just something so powerful about sharing a connection with a person that who have but through music she tells u that its okay for u to be u and it doesn’t matter if ur this or that ur beautiful is pretty damn powerful also she showed me how to be happy with me and i couldn’t thank her enough so thank u demi i love u

Ohio I have arrived that long car will so be worth it

Just 139miles left in my long car ride and trip to make a long awaited dream come true couldn’t be more excited for this :)

210 miles until my baby ps im kind of excited if that wasn’t obvious

Only 248 miles to Ohio and demi aww yeah!

On my way to Ohio and to demi fuck yeah